Mexican Border Blaster


  • December 15 Piper Down SLC (Erin and John Show) w N. Passey and Aria Darling
  • December 29 Tailgate Tavern SLC with Magda Vega
  • February 12 Piper Down with Doom Cupcake


The new album is available digitally on our Bandcamp. Vinyl records can be had at shows and at select record stores. We are not planning on releasing further tracks on streaming platforms because we want people who buy our records to have a real ownership of this music. We thank you for your support.

Tycoon Machete is a psychedelic rock band based in Salt Lake City Utah.

INSTRUMENT: 1942 National New Yorker constructed from WWI warplane propeller. 19th Century Plectrum Banjo. 2018 Turnercaster made by the legendary Ogden luthier Jon Turner (RIP). UDO Super 6 Synthesizer. Gibson SG bass weighing in at 6.66 lbs. that set us back $666. AKAI sampler/sequencer. DW Rock Drum Kit (black like our souls). Light and Stage effects by Visual Artist Murray Resinski

GENRE HYPHEN: Hillbilly-Grunge-Psychedelic-ArtRock-PostRock CURRENT ALBUM: The Great Machine (Bandcamp and vinyl ONLY)

CURRENT PROJECT: Exploring infamous goat gland (testicles) xenotransplantion “doctor” and radio pioneer J. R. Brinkley.